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Trans Health Care Resources In Canada 

Trans Health Care Outside of Canada

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Transgender Products (Binders, Packers, etc)
Come as You Are (Canadian)

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 Get to know Testosterone

There are a few things you need to know about Testosterone. The first thing you should do is educate yourself about its effects here: This is an excellent place to get an idea of what to expect when considering hormone therapy.

Other things you need to know and this will save you some time IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES Testosterone is manufactured into a crystal form that is soluble in oil. Depending on the prescription you are given it will likely be suspended in sesame oil or cotton seed oil. If you are allergic to either of these oils you need to get your doctor to write you a prescription to a compounding pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy will mix the testosterone into an oil that your body can tolerate such as flax, canola, or olive oil. Talk to your doctor about what your other options are. A list of compounding pharmacies for Canada (and Australia) can be found here:

If no injectable compound can be found or they are out of your budget, then you still have other options such as the testosterone patch, gel, or oral testosterone.

This is the compound I am currently prescribed. Since I have yet to have my first shot, I am unsure how I will react to the cotton seed oil but will keep you posted!

I will be injecting 1 ml every week as this is a 100mg/ml suspension.  Some suspensions are 200mg/ml so you will only have to inject 1ml every two weeks.

The injection is IM meaning intramuscular. You can inject into your thigh, your frontal or dorsal gluteal muscle, or your deltoid. If your doctor teaches you to do self injection it is likely you will inject into the thigh.

The needle will likely be a 20 or 21 gauge needle that will be at least 1 to 1-1/2 inches long. It needs to be this long to inject the hormone directly into your muscle. You will not likely have to insert the entire length of the needle to reach your muscle so don't be intimidated.

When you fill your prescription at the pharmacy you can ask your pharmacist for a sharps container. This is a safe place for you to dispose of your needles. It is usually a yellow or red plastic bucket with a  biohazard symbol on the side and a locking mechanism of some sort so that sharps can go in but not out. If you have kids, or pets, or a partner, friends, family members who visit your house, a maid or garbagemen you should have one of these. There is often no charge and it will protect everyone from an accidental needle prick. When you take the full container back to your pharmacist they will replace it for you. DO THIS!

Testosterone is a controlled substance in Canada. You cannot get it legally without a prescription. If you move, make sure to pay a visit to your doctor to get another prescription because the pharmacy won't be able to transfer your prescription to another pharmacy in another city or province because it is a controlled substance.

I will post my month to month photos and physical changes on the T Journal page so check it out.

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