More Health Care Bureaucracy

Every six months or so I have to go to the hospital and into the lab to have my blood taken. I get the testosterone levels tested, a hematocrit and liver function tests done so that my doctor can ensure that all is going well with my hormone therapy. Every single time without fail there is confusion about what's going on and it usually results in everyone feeling embarrassed and awful.

This past week, instead of just calling my damn name they decided I needed to be "Miss" because NWT Health refuses to change my gendermarker on my health care forms. I have written and requested this happen but they say I need to change my birth certificate. I will not change my birth certificate. I will explain that choice in a future post.

To change my birth certificate, I need to get a letter from my surgeon that says that I have indeed undergone gender reassignment surgery. The most ridiculous part of all of this is that NWT health approved and performed my hysterectomy yet still want me to change my birth certificate.

I will be writing another letter to the director of NWT Health as well as to the minister of Health and as well to my MLA and MP. It seems incongruous to me that one arm of the government will have no problem changing your gender marker to reflect your gender presentation while another completely ignores you or refuses to enable you when they ahve already helped you complete your transition.

My hands are sticky with the glue of red tape.

I'll keep you posted.

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