Out Fishing with the Boys

Last year I submitted a couple of photos to the CPAWS Love the Land Calendar Contest and won a guided fishing trip with the executive director of CPAWS NWT.  Unfortunately the  prizes were handed out late in the season so I had to wait all winter to cash it in. Finally on June 16 I met him down at the dock for a day of fishing on Great Slave Lake.
Our day started off a little cool, the ice had only come off the bay a week earlier and the water was still near freezing. Fog covered the bay and once we moved away from the dock and past the apparitions of bobbing houseboats, it was easy to imagine being lost at sea. We were all bundled up in our long sleeves, sweaters, and windbreakers and there may have been a toque present despite the fact it was mid-June.
The plan was to go after some Inconnu, Lake Trout and Pike as a last resort. After all, there’s probably not a lake in the whole Territory you can drop a Five of diamonds into and not catch a Pike.  We trawled along the eastern shore of Yellowknife Bay in about 30 feet of water. We took our time and chatted a bit about fishing and watched the fog rise like a white mountain from the grey surface of the water. The Inconnu and Trout were just not biting so we decided to try our luck at a different location. We made our way to the chain of rocky islands just southeast of Detah, finally breaking through the edge of the weather and out into the sunshine.
Now at some point after a couple of cups of coffee, you have to go. The guys each stood up on either end of the boat and just began watering I however was stuck to my seat wishing there was an easier way to get to shore than to have to lie about needing to find a more substantial plot of land for my business. I didn't really feel I wanted to out myself on the trip just to have a pee but there I was needing to go pretty bad and having to watch the guys leisurely relieving themselves with no thought. This was one of those days I wished I had spent more time practising with my STP. Anyhow I sheepishly asked if we could go to shore and besides finally getting to empty my bladder I had a chance to warm up on the rocks before climbing back in the boat.
With the sun out and the wind easing up, we were able to strip out of our winter gear and enjoy fishing around the islands. We caught a few good sized Pike in the shallows of a protected area out of the wind. We tucked them into the boat and promptly found ourselves a nice sunny spot with a view of the city to cook up our shore lunch. Beer is an especially welcome compliment to freshly fried Great-Slave Northern Pike after a cool day of being out on the water along with beer, our guide brought fresh greens from his greenhouse and an incredible home-made dressing and in minutes I dug into my very first shore lunch.
Despite the slight inconvenience and awkwardness of the bathroom break all in all a pretty good day for this guy. 
Have you had any awkward experiences like this? Share them in the comments!

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