Arctic Pride

This is a little post about the supportive queer community up north. Last August, I attended the first of the newly revived NWT Pride celebrations. I wasn't sure what to expect going in but I was impressed with the diversity and support the event received from the people of the city. There was a tiny little protest by way of poster thieving but I like to think the posters were just so cool that someone needed them to paper the inside of their own miserable closet.

The event was promoted and supported by the NWT Pride and It gets Better YK who had the amazing band Hunter Valentine headline the big event. There were workshops on drag make-up, two-spirit identity, retirement questions for queers, and many information sessions and booths featuring queer friendly organizations. It was a great opportunity to hang out, be out, and meet people. There was a great turnout for the Saturday night show and when the aurora started across the sky it seemed as though the summer came to a perfect end.

This summer, pride celebrations come earlier and I hope that we have great weather and another great turnout for the festival.I am planning to volunteer some time to the festivities so be sure to check back and have a look at some arctic pride.

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