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I've Been Touring Around Taking Photos of the Territory
Ok, you feel neglected. I understand. It's been a while since I posted an update on well, anything. My 3 year milestone is just around the corner and honestly I can't believe I STILL don't have a moustache! But I'll get to that later.

So first things first. Overall things are pretty good. I am still having random migraines though not as frequently as right after my hysterectomy so I am hoping they will taper off and disappear altogether. All of the itty bitty incisions finally healed up and I have very little scarring in that respect. The bleeding took weeks to finally quit but all in all I think we have finally established a new normal and it's terrific. Never again will I have to undergo a pap or a cramp or a tampon. Hooray!

My chest surgery has smoothed out considerably though I have some seriously mean looking scars from the revision. I am not sure if there is any way to sort them out now but perhaps either ultrasound or silicone gel will break up the keloid tissue and remove some of the redness. The scars used to be quite painful and tight but I guess the elasticity returned and the pain has mostly disappeared.

The mood swing is still a bit concerning and I am having trouble deciding whether this is a seasonal mood thing or an actual depression. Honestly who wouldn't be depressed at the prospect of 4 months or more of weather in the -30C to -50C with only a few hours of daylight a day. I actually feel like I came to love the winter even more despite the crappy temperatures and havoc it wreaked on my car, (that's another story).

I have been really busy with my art practice and have participated in three shows already this year with three more yet to come. I've also been volunteering on a couple of boards and working a lot though I am starting to think I may need to cut back on saying yes to everything and start making some time for myself again.

I am looking forward to a big road trip this summer, camping, hiking, fishing and photographing the southern part of the Territory. I am really looking forward to the break and the adventure and  a lengthy portion of time outdoors enjoying "boy time" in the bush. Of course I will give you a full report with images when I return.  

In the meantime I have a few posts up my sleeve so be sure to check in once in a while to see what's new!

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