Bye-Bye Baby Maker

In less than one month, I will be going under the knife one last time, and as far as the government is concerned my transition will be complete. It has taken a long time to finally get approval to go ahead and even though it is all set and ready to go I am still apprehensive about it.

When I was awaiting top surgery I was far more anxious about how I looked and even after being on T for a year I still had a great deal of dysphoria about my chest.  I have never really felt anything about my uterus except contempt once a month. Thanks to testosterone that stopped and I haven't really given my baby-making parts much thought since. Now that they are going to be removed I am wondering if their absence will make any difference to how I feel.

I am fortunate that I do not have to go to another city for surgery. Having surgery here means I will have two gynecologists performing the surgery instead of one gynecologist and a student. Because I live alone I will actually be admitted to stay the night to make sure I can return home and look after myself. I don't anticipate any problems as I am having the least invasive procedure available, a total laparoscopic hysterectomy. I will only a few small scars on my abdomen where the instruments and camera will be inserted. After two to three weeks I should be able to return to work.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly and I will be home and on the road to recovery in no time. Thank goodness I can work from home and won't have to rely on unemployment to see me through the hardest and busiest month of the year.

As usual, I'll keep you posted on the results and recovery. In the meantime, tell me how your experience was? Was the outcome better or worse than expected? How did your reovery go? Any change in how you felt about yourself, your body, life in general?

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