No-Shave November

I admit it. I took a head start on no-shave November. It's actually been months since I took a real razor to my face and actually had a clean shave but every couple of weeks I use the electric shaver and trim the scruff down to mere stubble. In essence that isn't really cheating. In my defence, it's friggin' cold up here and if I can grow my own winter scarf then I'm going to do it. The end of November will also mark two and a half years since starting testosterone therapy. Interestingly (and advantageously if you live in the arctic) T has increased my metabolism and my body temperature so I no longer suffer from cold fingers and toes.

As a kid, I always wanted a moustache at Halloween I would be a male character of some type. I never dressed as a slutty cat or princess. I do remember dressing as Dracula, the mad trapper of Rat River and my favourite costume ever: Big Gay Al. There has always been some sort of appeal for a moustache and I honestly can't really pinpoint where it may have come from. Even now just two weeks (ok four) into the no-shave challenge, I am excited by the crappy high school moustache that is emerging.

At some point in the future I suppose I will have to decide if a moustache is going to be a permanent fixture on my upper lip and if so what style of moustache I want to wear. Now if you've read any of the other posts tagged with moustache then you know I kind of have a little crush on the good old fashioned handlebar. Not the Hulk Hogan handlebar that seems to remind me of bicycles with banana seats, but the ringmaster, gunslinger, 1920's strongman, steampunk-dirigible-captain type of moustache. This may take years.

I have really fine hair. Testosterone has not thickened my hair or made it bushier or wiry or changed its colour. I have fine fuzzy hair interspersed between nice thick manly whiskers. It's like I have a beard with an undercoat. Until the end of the month I am going to keep you suspense about how this upper lip service is going. Hopefully with a little more encouragement and a couple more weeks I'll have something that look like a little more than a dark fungus. I'll post a photo of my growth at the end of the month. in the meantime visit the moustach-o-rama by clicking above.

Happy Movember.

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