The Hysterectomy Epic

For the last 6 months I have been waiting to hear back from the health department to see if they would cover a hysterectomy. I don't think it was ever a question of whether they would or they wouldn't but more a question of whether or not I would need to see another psychiatrist. A few weeks ago the approval finally came through.

I have mentioned before that my family doctor is amazing. He spoke to a gynecologist on my behalf that would be willing to perform hysterectomy surgery. I was really nervous about going to see him the first time, dealing with the front desk staff, and having to answer all sorts of questions about my genitals (again), but he was so nice and genuinely interested in helping me, I was once again surprised by the compassion and support of which some people are capable. Both of these men wrote letters to the territory, made phone calls and have lobbied in small ways to help me. Hopefully the next person will not have to fight and wait for months to be approved for a procedure that is routinely performed on women without them having to see a psychiatrist. Granted they don't take healthy organs but the procedure is as routine as an appendectomy.

I am not in a big hurry to have this surgery. I have quite a few concerns about having my abdomen cut open. I would prefer to have a completely laparoscopic surgery if possible but if it can't be performed by my surgeon then I would honestly consider not having the surgery until a time it becomes a viable option.

So I suppose the hysterectomy is inevitable at some point but at the moment I am just enjoying life as my new self, keeping my eye open for a new roommate and preparing for another arctic winter.

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