Dating Jokes for Trans Folks

I started T two and a half years ago and since then I have pretty much avoided dating. It seems just too complicated to try to have to explain to someone who may or may not be interested in me, why I am or am not a "typical male".  I am not sure how to approach someone I am interested in romantically and my flirting skills are so rusty they squeak. I am unsure of how dating even works anymore and complicating matters is a little crush I developed recently.

I've been single for two years and it's been a really good opportunity to get to know my new self better and settle into my skin so to speak. For the most part being, single has been a nice change and pretty relaxing. I don't have anyone else to worry about but me! I have made lots of new friends and my social life is busier now than I can ever remember. Up until a couple of days ago I never really bumped into anyone who really got me hot under the parka. But suddenly I find there is someone wandering through my head making it very hard to concentrate on anything.

OK so what right? It had to happen eventually. The interesting and surprising part is that this person was male and I haven't dated or thought about a man romantically in almost 20 years. So I am sitting here wondering what the hell has just happened to me?I realize that it is not uncommon for a trans person to have a shift in their orientation and I did read the comments on TransGuys post about shifting sexual orientation. Yet I still find myself a little surprised that my body is making decisions about who I should date without asking of its own.

It's pretty rare that I am attracted to a guy but I just can't seem to get this one handsome fella outta my head! I am suffering the stomach butterflies and sweaty palms and everything...I am blushing even writing this...and I feel so good but so silly too. It's like I've been reminded by the universe about how great it feels to be in love.

So I guess for the time being I will just enjoy the feeling and hope that eventually a handsome person wanders into my life to stay.

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