Revision Quest

If only things for trans people could work out as quick and painlessly as my most recent consultation. My family doctor referred me to a general surgeon here in town who works two week rotations as a locum. He spends approximately ten days seeing patients and performing procedures and he has quite a bit of plastics experience. He saw my little dog ears and within minutes I had an appointment to have them repaired. That appointment? it's not a year away, or a month even. It's happening in a week. And it's covered by my health care. Seriously.

When I told him that the surgeon who did my original surgery wanted to charge me $1800 to fix them and there was a short pause before he said Eighteen hundred? That's highway robbery. I'll say.So there you have it. Good things do happen. The ongoing saga of my uterus is another story but since this is a happy story I'll save that for another day.

So Tuesday March 27th in the early afternoon I will have the fatty little beaks in my armpits removed and then look out because the t-shirts are gonna get TIGHT-yo!

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