Time for a Little Catching Up!

I must apologize for neglecting the blog for so long. It has been a busy year and now that winter has descended upon the arctic in the most miserable way I will finally have some time to write again! So here's to a little catching up.

I haven't had too much to say about the influence of Testosterone, but will give you a peek at how 18 months is looking and how the chest is healing up this weekend after I get all cleaned up for my Christmas party. It's a semi-formal dinner affair so I got me a new sweater vest and tie to wear with my shirt and cuff links. Can't wait to see how this boy cleans up!

I have kept busy and though I have gone through a couple rough patches with respect to my mood and mental state, I am optimistic about the winter. I mentioned that a lot of my friends have moved south for the winter and even though I stepped down from the SPCA, I joined a new board of directors for the local Arts Society which will keep me busy volunteering and involved with the Art scene.  I will be working with a group of artists, musicians, storytellers, and dancers on a production of the circumpolar folktale of Sedna, the goddess of the sea and marine animals. I am pretty excited about working on the production and pushing myself in a new uncomfortable direction by performing on stage for 3 shows in March! We will be rehearsing all winter sometimes with the dancers and musicians and sometimes just as artists (more on this later).

I will be visiting the doctor tomorrow to get the results of blood work, adjust prescriptions, and talk about possible revisions to my top surgery, and at long last, the hysterectomy. I have been pretty good about eating well and while the only exercise I get on a  regular basis is shoveling snow, I plan to use the snowshoes I bought if/when the weather warms up.....to at least -20C.

Work is going really well, I recently received a nice compliment and a raise so looks like the upcoming year will bring me closer to getting out of debt and a lot of valuable work experience. A few more weeks of hard work and I'll be on vacation celebrating Christmas with my family. So that pretty much catches you up at the moment. A more detailed description of T changes and a post surgical update coming soon!

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