A Pair of Giant Glittery Dancing Christmas Balls

So I have a brand new addition to my list of men I admire: Preston Leatherman, (probably not his REAL name), but how do you not love a kid that calls himself Leatherman!

I am a super chicken shit when it comes to doing anything in public. Public speaking, or an art demo or even a workshop I am ok with but being a total goof like singing forget it and dancing well I am terrified of it but deep down I wanna dance like that in a mall too. Watching this video made me really want to break out of this fear that is holding me prisoner and live one happy blissful Christmas Carol dancing through the mall with reckless joyful abandon. Every time I watch this I want to BE him just so I can experience the joy he is feeling. This kid makes me so happy, I couldn't help but post it for everyone.

Preston, wherever you are and whatever you do, don't stop dancing in public with your ipod. I can see the absolute joy in your face and feel your happiness just by watching. Thank you so much for sharing and for being so very brave!

Merry Christmas to a kid with a great big pair of glittering Christmas balls!

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