Reader Challenge #1: WIN Coyote Books!

Ivan Coyote is a writer from Whitehorse Yukon who writes about her experiences navigating the world as one of us gender variant individuals. She goes into schools and educates youth on queer and gender issues and participates in workshops for gender variant youth. One of the workshop programs is called Camp Fyrelfy and is run out of the University of Alberta. It is a great opportunity for kids from small communities to get together and meet their peers and make friends who can really understand them.

When I was a kid there was no such thing and so much of my self discovery took place in my twenties and much of my understanding about gender, queerness, and acceptance came from reading Ivan's books. I felt that at least in print I had someone that understood me and I didn't feel so "queer" after all. When I had a chance to actually meet Ivan I had to muster up all of my courage to actually go see her. I am pretty shy when it comes to meeting strangers and meeting someone who had such a profound influence on me was actually terrifying. I never actually told her how much of an influence she had on my life but more than once she saved my life. So before I gush any more I am going to say go out and get yourself a few of her books OR participate in the reader challenge and win two of them right here from yours truly!

How do I win? I am looking for more followers! So tweet this or share this on your facebook page or email your friends, your neighbours, your gaybourhood! Tell them about Transcanada Coyote and get them to follow my blog. Every tweet or facebook share of this post or anyone who retweets a post about this blog from @luckyjackpress will also get an entry into the draw. And of course, any new blog followers will also be entered.  It's easy to sign up just click the follow me button to the right. You can follow privately if you're shy and only I will be able to see you!

The contest runs until October 15th so you have lots of time to help me spread the word about Trans Canada Coyote. I have some more great giveaways coming up so be sure to check back once in a while! The Winner will be announced on October 17th!

OK it's a bit early but the winner of the Ivan Coyote books and print from yours truly is @journeytomeftm. Congratulations! Your books and print will be on their way shortly! Thanks to everyone for their participation!

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