A Bachelor's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time of year and a welcome holiday. Usually it means filling up on great home-cooked meals just in time for mid terms and long overdue visits with family. This year I am spending it single and sharing the event with my cats who frankly don't give a shit about the great meal I prepared and are pissed off that it's snowing. Looking back at the past year has given me some perspective on how much one can accomplish in one year. I am thankful for a lot of things this year and here are just a few:

1. Top surgery. June was the long awaited boob-removal surgery and so far one of the most significant events of my life. I am still extremely happy with the results and despite a few less than perfect spots (that might be fixable with a small revision) I finally feel like I can walk around in my own skin. Being comfortable in my own body is like getting a second chance at living the life I have always wanted.

2. My family. I love my family very much and I know that my transition has been really difficult for some of them but I have to say they have surprised me and I have surprised myself with the ways in which our relationships are changing and growing. I owe a special thanks to my mom who drove me to and fromt eh hospital and looked after me while I recovered after my surgery. I am also super proud of my father who when put on the spot never missed a beat in introducing me to a crowd of extended family as his son. It was a big step for him and I was busting with pride and love for him. My cousins and aunts and uncles were all supportive and accepting of me and I am thankful for so many great relatives. Testosterone has eased my formerly volatile emotions and I feel like I can deal with things more rationally and with less anxiety than before. I look forward to growing closer to my family as a son, brother and nephew

3. My health. Having spent some time at the hospital this last year with T check ups and pre-surgery medicals and post-op checks I have to say I am really thankful for my health. I have slowly been taking better and better care of myself and I think a big part of it is finally feeling like I get to be myself. I quit drinking like a twenty something and started spending more time outdoors. With my new kayak a lot of great adventures were had on the water, solitary adventures but adventures none the less. I am preparing for winter and hope to get some exercize out on the snow and ice with my new snowshoes. Along with health is my faculties. Iam so glad I have a brain in my head that once in a while I put to good use. Future plans include a Masters so staying sharp is extremely important.

4. My job. The way teh economy has been going of late I have to say I am extremely thankful for a decent job that I actually enjoy. I get to use my brain (sometimes) and once in a while I can even be creative. I look forward to gaining some experience, getting myself out of debt and saving for more education.

5. My friends.  This past year I have made a couple of new friends. While our relationships are still in the early stages I am really excited about meeting some folks that have similar interests. I hope the future brings collaborations and more good times. Keeping in touch with old friends can get difficult when distance plays a factor but I have been trying to keep in touch with friends through good old fashioned snail mail. There is nothing quite like a letter or postcard from a friend to brighten your day. Even a quick note on the back of a photograph can remind someone you are thinking of them. Even if I'm not always in touch doesn't mean I've forgotten about you!

I have a lot to be thankful for. Even though I have been single for almost a year and there are times I get awfully lonely I am pretty satisfied with where I am right now. I have plans for the future and instead of just waiting around for opportunities I'll be out looking for them..Over the next couple of years I will be sorting out the details of plans to help me get where I want. Life is short and I feel like I've been waiting, for what I am not sure but it's time to start living the life I've wanted as the man I've always wanted to be. Yeah I might be a few years behind on my plans, I might not be where I wanted to be at this point in my life but I know what I want and I am going to go get it. One day at a time, eventually all those days will add up.

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