One Year, Two Months

I know I have been neglecting this a little recently. There has been a lot going on and I'll  of course get to it  eventually! I am already fourteen months on T and there are still changes to be noted! It's true the changes come fast and furious in the beginning and the first year on T is definitely a whirlwind of changes: your body, your voice, your relationships. It really is like a second puberty but this time you go through it alone. So for the most part I haven't really noticed a huge change but there are a few things to note so as usual, here is the monthly low down:

Acne: Still. Seriously. I was hoping this would have cleared up by now. The medication is working pretty well but nothing ever worked as well as sunshine! Seeing as how we are headed into the dark cold months here being able to lie out in the sun is not really an option unless you want to freeze to death. I will ask my doc on my next visit and see if this is something that will eventually go away or not....if anyone has good news let me know would you?

Body: My body has been having it's own little roller coaster ride lately. At first I was worried about getting too chubby. It seems this second puberty works a lot like the first where you chunk out just before a growth spurt. Lately my jeans have become too big when only a few months ago I was worried I was going to tear out the seams. granted I have been eating a LOT better and I have given up alcohol for the most part....one or two beer here or there but a six pack can last me for months...not bad when it costs $18. (yes, I do know that's crazy). Top surgery also helped re-shape things and I gotta say I am happy with the results so far.

Injection: Not too much exciting news here. I'm starting to really get the hang of self injection but should probably be rotating my injection sites more than I am. I am injecting into alternating ventro-gluteal muscles every week but perhaps I should talk to my doctor about that as well. Maybe he can recommend another spot with a little more padding than the quadriceps as alternative injection locations.

Voice: It's happening. It really is getting a little deeper. I notice because it is getting more difficult for me to speak in what I would consider my normal pitch. I find I have to speak from a different spot in my throat, a little lower than I am used to. I suppose my muscles are used to the vibration being in one spot and with the vocal chords lengthening and thickening a bit that it will take a little time to relocate my voice. I can drop my voice pretty low now and I never have my gender confused over the phone. Now I can finally change my voice mail message!

Hair: I think hairs are working their way up from the bottom. My legs are spectacularly hairy except where my socks have worn it all off. My happy trail is emerging and making its way across my stomach. I didn't realize I had quite so much chest hair until i had to cover parts of it with frickin tape and adhesive bandages after surgery. With any luck it will start to fill in and thicken up. I think increasing my protein intake has helped quite a bit. Probably the vitamins didn't hurt either. As for a moustache or goatee, things are taking their time. I have to shave every couple days now otherwise my face looks like a four year old randomly pasted glitter patches all over it. Until things start growing in a more sustainable and cohesive pattern I think I'll stick to staying clean shaven. In other news random hairs are not only appearing on my upper arms they have also started to explore my shoulders.

Mood: For the most part, this has been pretty good. I got to spend time at home while recovering from surgery and I have been really busy with art proposals and projects, recovering from surgery and volunteering. Summer is short but sweet here although the weather hasn't really been cooperating. There's still a month left to get in all the kayaking and fishing I can before we return to the cooler temperatures of fall and the impending winter. I am trying to stay focused on what I want to accomplish while I am here and making sure that I make time to call home and go for a visit whenever I can wil hopefully alleviate some of the homesickness I still suffer. Making sure I stay busy over the winter will help ensure my sanity and cheerfulness.

Other: What else is there. There are definitely things that have changed as a result of T. My muscles are looking good and I am still really happy that I have shoulders and real toes. I am happier, more relaxed, less prone to flying off the handle but I do find myself suppressing a lot of anger and frustration instead of just venting it like I would have before starting T. It is definitely interesting to be able to experience both ends of the gender spectrum: a privilege most people will never have.


Anonymous said...

re: Acne

Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? I haven't yet but I plan on picking some up. I'm not even on T yet but my worst fear is major acne from it, mine is bad enough now as it is (mostly hormonal/cycle acne) There's lots of info on ACV to treat acne online but I only just heard of it a couple days ago.

Damon Wille said...

I'm coming up on 5 months on T and I've noticed that my hair is also thickening from the bottom up. My upper thighs are finally starting to match my lower leg. My arm hair is lengthening a little bit. But I'm still waiting to see a little more facial hair. I've also been using a piano to measure how low my voice has been getting when I sing. I've dropped quite a bit and I am only injecting once every three weeks right now. It's an exciting puberty.