...And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Summer

It's official. I can now return to my regular activities. The six week recovery flew by and although the first couple were difficult the last week was probably the hardest. I say that because I felt great and summer is short so every moment that I couldn't be out on the water fishing with my new kayak was frustrating. To make up for it I am going to kayak a LOT from now until one of two things happens: the water freezes or I can't fit into the kayak wearing my parka. The weather has been beautiful here and I am hoping September will have at least a few nice weeks where I can get out and explore some of the smaller lakes near my house.

Today I went on a hike to a place called Cameron Falls, it's quite beautiful and I actually did it.... Yes my friends, after years and years of avoidance, I finally went swimming. Wow. So fun. I forgot about how great swimming feels and finally being able to wear just a pair of trunks into the water was an amazing experience. It didn't hurt that the weather was hot and the water cold and the falls beautiful! Even the little bit of sunburn was totally worth it!

Of course I took my fishing rod. You never know when you might get a chance to use one.... Even though I wasn't supposed to fish before the 6 week mark it's pretty hard NOT to fish when you are out in a boat with your best friend and the sun is shining. So yeah I kinda broke that rule last week... but it was totally worth it! The fishing was fantastic! I caught a bunch o'fish and had an awesome visit!

My doctor was pretty excited about the results so far and figures that once everything is all healed up it will look fantastic so that was exciting news. He said there was no reason to worry about the incisions widening or anything tearing or anything like that. Everything has healed up really nice so far in his opinion and there's nothing I shouldn't be able to do....I mean I can't fly or anything, but sometimes it sure feels like I might. So with only a few short weeks left in the arctic summer I am off to have a quick peek at the northern lights and enjoy the quiet stillness of the night before embarking on another fishing and kayaking adventure.


Anonymous said...

great pic with the fish, made me laugh. I went out in a canoe for the first time in my adult life and if I could I'd be out on the lake every spare moment I had. What a great feeling.

Lori D said...

I appreciate you sharing this blog about your transition so openly and honestly, all the while you seem to be enjoying life to the fullest! I look forward to reading more as you continue onward and upward!

Damon Wille said...

Your happiness and contentment is infectious