Three Weeks Post-Op

The three week mark passed and I am now officially on the down-slope of my six week recovery. I have Been dealing with a lot of surface pain, wearing clothes hurts my skin and the only way to describe it is  like rubbing sandpaper on a sun burn. The right graft is nearly completely healed now and looking good, the left is not and I have been keeping it covered with an advanced healing bandage which acts like a scab and is supposed to minimize scarring. I am kind of worried about how it looks right now but I will be diligent keeping it covered and clean and hope that it will heal up soon. If not I will be sure to have my doctor look at it at.

When I called the surgeon's office they told me I was to keep the incisions covered with paper tape to help flatten the scars out but I'm pretty sure I developed a sensitivity to the adhesive on it so I tried using the advance healing bandage  on them instead. I wore those over the incisions for a week straight but the pain was finally too much and I took them off which was a special kind of torture all its own. I took everything off the incisions and I am applying high potency vitamin E cream to the incisions at least twice a day and for now I am enjoying a huge releif from the pain. I really want to help my body heal with a minimum of scarring but I can't deal with the aching skin anymore. Constant irritation is making me cranky!

So only a few more short weeks and I see my family doc who will hopefully give me the OK to return to life as I knew it. I plan to make up some time hiking, fishing and kayaking before the summer is over. If I'm lucky, September will be beautiful and warm enough to enjoy at least a few weekends on the water. The countdown to my summer is on!


Alix said...

Just wanted to drop a line and say how much I appreciate your blog. I have sat down and read the whole thing from top to bottom over the last hour or so and I can honestly say that I have laughed and cried. I am very newly (as of yesterday) out as trans and I am scouring the internet for stories I can relate to. I am really glad I have found yours. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude !
I've been on T for over 4 years ans just started t get more facial hair and belly fat.
How many ml did you start injecting when you started??
I started off at .5 ml
I'm now injecting 1 ml and haven't notified my doc that I upped my dose, but will next month when I need a new prescription filled.
We started off slow due to the fact that I'm allergic/sensitive to a lot of meds and antibiotics, but apparently I'm not reacting to it.
I have not had any surgeries yet, and am starting to feel depressed about that.
I have my first letters from my work and my R.O.E stating my name and gender for my first surgical procedure IE: my hysterectomy.
My acne has been ok but I have heard once you get your guts removed acne comes back. I FUCKING hope not!!