Lucky Thirteen

Although I started this journey almost two years ago I have been on T for just thirteen months. I am now officially starting another year of my transition and it is going to be just as busy as the last. Top surgery fell the day before my thirteen month mark so it is needless to say I've been a little preoccupied. Changes are still occurring but not as quickly as they did during the first few months.  I think that's partly because I am taking a lower dose of T once a week instead of a higher dose every two weeks. At last check, all of my blood tests have been normal including my t-levels as well as my liver function test.

Acne: I am still battling acne and while the antibiotic has helped, I am starting to wonder if my skin will ever clear up.

Body: I guess with the top surgery finally completed I can say there is a significant change in my body – though not as a result of T! I am definitely going to need some time to fit myself into this body now that it has changed again. I am excited to see how things finally turn out but I am really happy with my results so far. The top surgery page is similar to this T-journal so if you're interested in reading about that of course check it out. Otherwise, not too much to mention except I had been doing push ups to build up my pec muscles but looks like now I'll need to work on the sit-ups!

Hair: Probably the slowest change and for me most one of the more frustrating parts of taking T. I've wanted a moustache for so long but it really is taking its sweet ass time getting here! I shave as often as I am comfortable but with the acne problem I have quit shaving quite so often. With my job it is not imperative that I am clean-shaven every day so I take advantage of that by shaving only twice a week and even then I only shave my cheeks and neck and keep the hair on my chin tidy with an electric razor. I doubt I'll be able to grow a beard by winter but it would be nice if only for the extra warmth. Oh moustache, where are you?

Mood: This has been pretty good lately. Although I experienced a significant amount of anxiety leading up to top surgery, I am feeling pretty good about how it all went. I really feel like I can be myself a little more each day and the feelings of self consciousness have almost completely disappeared. I am confident once I am out of pain and picking up speed at the bottom of the recovery hill, I will feel a lot more like getting out and getting on with my life. Hopefully I can keep busy and continue participating in things that are fulfilling.

Voice: I'm pretty sure this has settled. I think they say two years for it to completely change but I never get mistaken for a lady on the phone so that's a good place to be. I still sound like myself.  People I haven't talked to in a while still recognize my voice over the telephone so it's not like I have to fit into both a new body and a new voice. I keep trying to remember to take voice samples but since I never took one before I started T it is hard to know how much my voice has really changed.

Other: Aside from top surgery, not too much has changed. I am making an effort to involve myself in art related endeavors as the winters are long and cold and having opportunities to meet new people and show my work is a way to make the time fly by. I am going to try the novel writing again in November and I am still debating making a real commitment to Camp Nanowrimo which would give me two months to write a novel instead of one....that's only 900 words a day instead of 1667. Yeah, I guess I can do that. The next year is going to be extremely important: my body will likely have completed the majority of its changes by this time next year. Testosterone will be maintenance not a renovation, my chest will have healed and the scars flattened out and faded, my voice will be permanent, and hopefully my body and facial hair will have filled in and I won't have lost any more of  my hairline. I will have been at my job for a year and summer will once again be on the horizon. A year from now seems a long time away but then again, a year ago feels like just yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

I participate in nanowrimo as well. This year will be my 8th (or ninth?) year and I didn't manage to 'win' until last year.

I hope you decide to participate, it always makes November fly for me.