Back to Work

I have been back home for less than a week and at work for only a couple of days and already I am getting really tired of feeling crappy. I was expecting that I would not be in any more pain but my body apparently has other ideas. Wearing a shirt is like having someone rub sandpaper over a sunburn. Parts of my chest are numb to the touch yet can still experience sharp pain like an electric shock. I am exhausted by lunchtime and have spent more time cuddling ice packs than my cats. While it was great to get caught up on some reading, the two weeks I had off work was far from a vacation.

I don't have short term disability coverage with this employer which means I probably returned to work sooner than I should have. I am happy to be feeling productive but not happy that I am still in so much pain I am unable to return to a normal-ish routine. I am hoping another week of taking it easy will put me in better spirits and help my body heal at least to the point where I am not so uncomfortable.

I am thankful that I have a sympathetic and flexible employer and that getting the time off for surgery was not a problem. I am going home an hour early every day this week to a date on the couch with my aforementioned ice princess.  I am am getting kind of worried that I am taking so much longer to heal than what I am used to. Sure I have never had this type of surgery before but I am still bruised and tender at my IV site and it has been almost 3 weeks now since the surgery.

I am taking vitamins every day, using the Vitamin E cream on the parts that are no longer under a dressing, and keeping the ugly graft covered. Up until tonight I had been using paper tape and non adhesive dressing over polysporin but the tape has been wreaking havoc on my already sensitive skin. Instead I am trying a second skin burn pad (and more paper tape) over the graft to see if it will help the graft to finally heal. I am a little worried that the right graft has taken so easily and the stitches are already mostly dissolved and have fallen out. The left is taking it's sweet time and the only reason I can think of is either it doesn't have the same bloodflow or that the swelling in the right helped the graft take more quickly because of the extra fluid.

I took the paper tape of the righ incision and replaced it with a heal fast bandage. My skin needs a break from the paper tape and the pharmacist said I could put them over the incisions. The burn pad worked wonders on the area before I had to remove it but I am still a little worried about how the right side is healing up. The swelling hasn't gone down a lot yet and there is an area under the incision about six inches along the length of it that seems to be making a real mess of itself. It is hard and puckered and creating a real lip under the skin. I hope that as the stitches dissolve, the swelling goes down and the skin tightens everything will smooth out.  I guess if I still have concerns after healing for three months I can call the surgeon's office and make an appointment for advice. Hopefully things will look a LOT different three months from now....

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B.G. said...

Are you still binding? My partner (and friends of ours post-op) bound for up to a month after surgery to help with the tenderness-to-touch and with swelling. Hang in there!