Top Surgery Post-Op

They're gone! They're gone! They're gone! YES!! It finally happened- the tits are gone. Honestly, it still doesn't seem real. Perhaps it's because I haven't seen the results of the surgery yet because my chest is still bandaged and under wraps. The dressings, bandages, and drains won't be removed for five days to prevent infection and make sure the nipple grafts take.

It was a pretty long day since I was too excited to actually get any sleep the night before. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30am and I had to be at the hospital by 6am. I was awake every hour and finally at 4am I decided to just stay up until it was time to go to the hospital. On arrival I was still afraid that they were going to tell me that my surgery was cancelled...I had been anxious about a last minute cancellation for weeks. But I was ushered to my bed in the day surgery ward and given the gown and housecoat, little blue slippers and some awfully tight "socks" which were really a torturous version of thigh-high nylons. They were to keep blood from pooling in my legs during surgery which helps prevent blood clots. I had to go into surgery wearing nothing but the gown and the thigh highs. No underwear or anything.

I was pretty nervous and was having a hard time believing that I was really going to have the surgery. Trying to imagine how I would feel, how I might look was still unfathomable at that point. I was wheeled up to the operating waiting area where the anaesthesiologist came and talked to me for a few minutes then I waited for my surgeon to come up and mark out the incisions and placement of the nipple grafts. Once that was done I was wheeled into the operating room and waited some more for everything to get organized- the antibiotics to be mixed and my IV which had to be inserted a second time since he punched through the vein the first time. Everything seemed to take a really long time and I was getting anxious. All I wanted was for them to knock me out already! I didn't want to see all the instruments being unwrapped, or hear the chit chat between the surgeon and the surgical scrub techs about procedure, and having my arms strapped down to the operating table before I was unconscious was a little unpleasant as well. Finally the magic was pumped into my IV and off to dreamland I went while the surgeon went to work.

I woke up in the recovery room in a lovely haze of morphine and under a toasted flannel blanket. I slept a while there floating in and out of some odd dreams before I was wheeled down to the day ward once again. There I drank some water and some gingerale but my throat was really sore and I had a hard time staying awake for more than a few minutes at a time. Around lunchtime I started to hurt quite a bit and the incisions were burning so I got another shot of morphine which knocked me out for a couple more hours. I really wanted to make it back to the rental house before rush hour so tried to get my nausea under control with a shot of gravol.....which made me sleep for another hour. Finally I got up and did some walking to the bathroom and back which made the pain worse and my nausea flare up really bad. I usually get sick once after having anaesthetic and as much as I wanted to just get it over with I was worried about how much pressure it would put on my chest.

Eventually we left the hospital and I tried my best to wait till we got inside to get sick but I only make it to the top of the stairs. Thank Goodness they sent us home with two or three sick bags...the kind you get on an airline. After that I felt so much better I had a little something to eat and another nap on the couch. We watched a little TV and emptied my drains once or twice. I wasn't in too much pain but got my mom to pick up an ice pack at the pharmacy when she filled the antibiotic prescription. We never did fill the prescription for pain meds as I had some T3s I brought from home which seemed to do just fine. I decided to sleep on the couch to stay propped up instead of wallowing around in a bed and fighting with a bunch of pillows. Heading back to mom's tomorrow for the remainder of my short term recovery. Won't get to have a look at the new chest until Monday....four days to the reveal!

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