Transexual Male Privilege

Male privilege. I am not exactly sure what this is but on a couple other sites I visit regularly there sure seems to be a lot of talk about it. I'm not sure what the privileges are that I have been missing but so far as transitioning is concerned I haven't noticed any sociological "perks", in fact where I live being a white male doesn't offer much. Affirmative action has classified all people into four categories and white men who weren't born in this province  are very last on the list.  I haven't had a increase in salary over the women in my office, I don't get any extra vacation days, or more health care.

I do recognize that there are places that men appear to have a certain "privilege" but it seems to me that this privilege is shared amongst them in groups such as country clubs, golf courses, business conventions, sports arenas, and politics. I am not interested in any of those places so perhaps I may never acquire this "privilege" or feel like I am being missing out on some sort of real or imagined status. 

It is interesting to view the ides of gender from both sides of the binary and as I slip quietly from one side of the spectrum to the other I find that the whole idea of sex linked gender inane. The attempt to keep gender separated by sex is like trying to keep milk separate from coffee when it's in the same cup.

While trying to figure out what this "male privilege" might include I discovered that there is quite a movement to debunk the myth of male privilege and suggest that women are more likely to benefit from their gender within society than men are. They offer some pretty valid arguments and I would be curious to know how it is perceived by transgendered and transsexual individuals. Since this notion of privilege is tied directly to gender I am interested to see if a transsexual perceives a loss or gain in privilege and if this acquisition of power and status is linked to the success of one's gender presentation.

The only privilege I have that I didn't before is feeling comfortable and normal in my own body. I enjoy the "privilege" of having strangers call me sir, using the male pronouns: he, him, his and walking around feeling like a normal guy.

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