Eleven Months on T

Only one more month to go until I celebrate my one year anniversary on T! As you can see from the photos the chin hairs are coming in pretty good! That little chin beard is about a month's worth of growth...Come on moustache!

Acne: This month things have been a bit up and down. Some days are better than other but I have noticed that the more fat and dairy in my diet the worse the acne is. I have been trying to drink more water and cook healthy meals at home. I take my lunch to work and have drastically reduced the amount of greasy food I eat which has helped a lot.

Whatever weight issues I thought I had last month are quickly disappearing. Even though my body fat is distributed differently I don't feel chunky. Sure I could afford to lose a few pounds who couldn't but it's winter and it's frigging cold so I would rather keep the insulation even if only for a little while longer! I've been doing push-ups every day to try and build up a bit of chest muscle before heading into surgery...only two more months!! Can't even begin to explain how excited I am about that. That will be quite a shock to the system and I am sure that with the weight literally off my chest things like going up and down stairs and stretching are going to make me way less self conscious. I expect my posture to improve with the absence of breasts!

Injection: Everything is going swimmingly with this. Aside from keeping the cats out of the bathroom Sunday mornings, I haven't had any troubles with my injections. I am diligent in making sure I wash my hands, swab the injection site and the top of the vial with alcohol before injecting. Since the vein incident I never forget to pull back on the syringe and watch for blood. Once in a while I get a little bruise but other than that there's been no issues.

Hair: I was so excited about getting facial hair I forgot that I do actually have to shave it off once in a while...at least during the week. I am up to shaving with a razor about twice a week and trimming the thicker hairs with an electric razor in between. I finally got a decent haircut and have had random hairs appear on my upper arms. Not sure what that's about but my hairline seems to have settled into its new location without me having to panic too much more. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will stick around for a couple more decades. Arm hair is growing gung-ho, and every day my belly gets a little fuzzier. I am hoping that it continues and that I will have enough chest hair to at least partially mask the scars from top surgery.

Mood: I have to say that this month my mood has drastically improved. Starting a new job, the return of longer days, more sunshine, and sporadic days with warmish temperatures have made me feel pretty good. I got home to visit my family which was a little bittersweet, a little harder on some people that I would have liked but all in all I was really happy to see my family. I ave been busy making work and getting ready for summer's arrival. I bought myself a fishing kayak so I can get out and explore more lakes and get some exercise to boot. It's all about staying sane!

Voice: I think my voice is finally settling. I no longer feel like I have something in my throat all the time. I know it will be another year or so until it settles down for good but I am starting to feel more comfortable with it and am not at all disappointed that I can't sing. Yelling is interesting. While the voice has dropped I still haven't figured out how to get some power behind it when I need to.

Other: I have been contemplating the type of moustache I want to grow when I finally have enough hair and I have decided on a stylish yet slightly eccentric handlebar; a little retro-steampunk for the quirky little boy that's been trapped in my body all his life! What do you think??