Ten Months on T

Ten Months and TaDa! There is finally enough hair on my chin I might be able grow something resembling normal facial hair. I experimented a little after lamenting my nine month mark with a sad lack of scruff so after my  job interview I quit shaving  part of my face to see just how substantial a goatee I could grow in the three weeks before I start a new job.

Acne: I've moved down to a maintenance dose of the minocycline I was prescribed for my acne problem. My back is breaking out more than usual but that could be a combination of stress and a higher fat die. I have increased my protein intake by eating more eggs. I still hold out hope that another year down the road the acne will have been just a temporary thing.

I had to have a semi physical from at the doctor to get the A-OK to have surgery. I had to be weighed and have my blood pressure taken and go through what medications I am on and so forth to determine my fitness for surgery and undergoing general anaesthetic. Ha ha...thought I lost weight last month but I have apparently put on about 20 pounds??? I thought the nurse said I weighed 82 kg which is only 180 lbs but she said I weighed 190 lbs so either her math is off or I am deaf. I know I am heavier but muscle weighs more than fat so I'm hoping it has just been an exchange or transformation of tissue....My doctor said he thought I looked thinner so I guess I am probably doing just fine.  In other news, that cold I said I hadn't got all winter..... just arrived late.  I have been fighting it for about ten days and look forward to once again using my nose.

Injection: I'm getting much better at this with practice. Not so much anxiety when stabbing myself anymore but still worry that I will have a repeat of the injection scare I had a few months ago. HAven't used the legs for a while and try to stick to the same time every week for the shot. With a couple more months of practice I'm sure I'll feel more like an expert.

Hair: Ok so I have less hair around my temples and more hair on my belly and chest. I am still trying to decide on a respectable haircut that doesn't make me look like an army deserter or a hippie. Would like to have a bit longer hair but traditional. Problem is I can't stand it when the hair gets too long over my ears so I don't go much more than a month without a trim. I have pretty hairy legs now and finally I am seeing significant changes in facial hair. For the last month I have been using the testosterone left over in the syringe on my upper lip and chin hoping to stimulate the moustache growth spurt. Combined with more protein in my diet and vitamin supplements I think it is working. Hair on my upper lip is finally visible and getting coarser and as you can see from the photo after a week without shaving there's a decent start to a small chin beard. Hoping that I might have a start on my dream moustache by fall.

Mood: The prospect of a trip home has improved my mood considerably. That and an escape from an unsatisfying employment situation to a prospective and bright looking future with a new and expanding company have made life a lot easier of late. Knowing that I will be making more money and have opportunities for advancement in my current career are also positive things. The return of longer days and warmer temperatures haven't hurt either. Getting back outside for more than the time it takes to walk from the car to the house has been a huge mood booster. Yoga probably didn't hurt either.

Voice: I think my voice is getting a little deeper again. I was definitely feeling like it hit a plateau but now I think it is changing again. The cold may or may not have helped. Sometimes I feel likeI have to learn to speak all over again in a new octave. Calling my cats in from outside will be interesting since I can't reach the high pitched here kitty kitty I used to. Still can't sing worth a damn though.

Other: I think my toes are longer and thicker. An odd observation for sure but the shape of them is different. A lot different, in a good way. Suddenly I look like I have normal feet. I have definitely changed shoe size and fit in a men's 81/2 to 9 when before I fit comfortably  in a 7. Thinking of removing my earring and possibly my eyebrow ring as well. Will likely remove the eyebrow ring for good after top surgery, might just replace the earring with a stud.....decoration TBD


Anonymous said...

This picture says MAN in capital letters, 100% and without a doubt. It really looks very male. If I knew I would look like that in 10 months, I would start right away.
You should have no trouble passing anymore :)

Anonymous said...

I have been sick quite a bit lately with the winter bug but I found something pretty awesome! You should try it, especially if you have a sore throat. Boil garlic in apple cider vinegar for like 5 or 10 minutes and then store it in the fridge like pickled garlic. I had 6 or 7 one night and woke up the next day feeling noticeably better. :)

sam said...

lol I do the same thing with my left over T :)