So I Dress Like a Lumberjack.

It's true, the look I like is casual but traditional and classic in a bushman sort of way. My mom asked me not long ago to describe to what kind of clothes I like. I didn't really realize that I am pretty picky about my clothes although sometimes from looking at me you might not think so!

Its funny that we could never shop together and even though I have been attracted to the same kind of clothing I could never really articulate why. I have always loved men's clothing probably because it just FELT more comfortable all around.

I suppose now that she has my somewhat lengthy description of dos and don'ts, stripes vs solids, and my rationalization for preferring buttons over zippers she may decide that a gift card is a much easier gift to give than plucking the specifics of what I might like in a sweater from my fashion guidelines.

I personally don;t think they are all that unreasonable or difficult particularly when women seem to have ten times as many fabrics, cuts, styles, designers, and accessories to consider and that doesn't even begin to explain shoe hoarding or why she might need an entire closet for her purse collection.

So here is my personal fashion sense more or less:

I prefer dark colours like brown, navy blue, charcoal, hunter green despite the fact that every single cat and dog hair will show up. I also like baby blue, oatmeal, heather grey, royal blue and white. I like plaid and flannel a lot - together they are like peanut butter and jam. I don't like paisley or silk unless it is on a really cool tie. I like gingham and checks and tasteful vertical stripes not (usually) horizontal ones. I generally prefer heavier weight materials like denim, flannel, canvas, heavy brushed cotton, and thick fleece. I prefer dark leather to light coloured leather.

I prefer pull-overs to zip-ups, buttons over zippers if something is going to be near my face. I generally prefer crew necks to V necks.  Brightly coloured dress shirts and bright coloured ties are ok, I like striped ties never solid coloured ties unless they are patterned. No Hawaiian shirts, (I went through that phase already) flowers or other busy patterns. Polo shirts are okay in moderation, two maybe three is plenty. No lace, or anything that could be described as frilly, no chains, studs, glitter or other bedazzled attire, ever.  Not ever.

I don't like light coloured suits or blazers all I can think is Miami Vice....another "style" that should be avoided by everyone.

Pants must never ever have pleats. Flat front dress pants are essential but don't ever believe that they really are static free or never need ironing. Dark jeans or normal denim that has faded from lots of wear are the best colours and in my opinion all jeans should be made with a button fly not a zipper fly but they are extremely hard to find. No low rise waist, no one needs to see my ass crack or my underwear and no wide or flared legs; the seventies ended when I was six. No wind pants, track suits, zip-off pants to shorts, Nothing stretchy or so tight it looks like you're beggin someone to look at your package, no clothes that say: I'm a metrosexual - don't you wish you were hot like me?
Classic wide leather belts, no composite material. Suspenders are ok. I wear sport socks with grey bottoms, no tube socks, no dress socks unless they are intended to be puppets.

I enjoy unique things, handmade things, clothes with nice details like cool buttons, elbow patches, hidden pockets, or a different coloured lining or stitching.

I am not an elf or the Prince of Persia so the shoes I wear won't ever have pointy toes. I don't wear cowboy boots because I can't get my feet in them. I don't usually wear running shoes or sneakers instead I like more casual hiker type footwear. I used to like Keens but there's something about them now I'm not to keen about. I like a good pair of work boots or waterproof hikers, and lined winter boots that are high enough to keep the snow out. I have Kamiks if I need them and one pair of dress shoes. If I can't wear them to go fishing or hiking then they shouldn't be on my feet.

When I read this over it doesn't really seem that bad. Everyone has preferences for what they like to wear but laying it out for someone else can be kind of hard. It makes you think about what you must look like to other people. If your list has nothing on it but track pants and muscle shirts, what does that say about you? Make a list and see what your clothes say about you? Mine seem to be telling me I want to be a lumberjack.

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Anonymous said...

wow, you are so much like me. it is almost scary.