New Year, New Man, No Excuses.

I wrote a novel in 30 days!
I have been trying to set little goals for myself that will help me round out my life a little. I spent WAY too much time wrapped up in myself at the beginning of my transition but I think that is something that every person who goes through a monumental change like transitioning needs to do. It has to be a big deal particularly if you pursue it later in life to spend some time reflecting on what it is you are gaining, what it is you are sacrificing and what it is you are making up from scratch.

Instead of making new years resolutions (I HATE New Years so you know) I usually try to think of all the things I did in the past year that made me feel good; what did I do that I was proud of? What mistakes did I make and how will I avoid making them again? What do I want to change about my life/situation/health/job this year and what can I do to make that happen?

So this year I have decided that I am going to try a couple things. I am going to make a real effort to be diligent in making these things part of my life: to create new habits instead of trying to quit old ones. So here are some of the things I have planned for the year:
  1. I am going to try to write my blog at least twice a week: Wednesdays and Fridays (and maybe one day on the weekend unless I decide to go fishing, or make some art, or read a book, or go for a bike ride, or a road trip).
  2. I am going to try to read at least two books a month.  When it warms up and there is less snow I will start riding my bike to work.
  3. I am going to make it to every hockey night for the rest of the season AND I am going to take a Yoga class.
  4. I will double the size of my savings account by June and again by December.
  5. I will be a better friend to my friends and a better son/grandson/brother/cousin/nephew/neighbour by writing more letters and making more phone calls.
  6. I will try to participate in one project a month novel/sketchbook/series of prints/short stories/photo essay.
  7. I will volunteer my time to at least one cause this year and possibly two.

That is seven (give or take) little things that I want to make part of my life this year. I want set small goals that I can accomplish. I want to be able to sit down next year and look at the things I made/wrote/ helped create/foster and enjoy the friendships, relationships, and discoveries I made in just one short year.

I look back at what I accomplished in the last year and I am proud of the lessons I learned and the things I did. I can see where I can use some improvement as well but for the next six months I will focus on these few things and hope that the satisfaction of a full and busy life will help me become the man I hope to be. After that if all is going well maybe I'll make another seven new habits!

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