Red Taped to a Chair in the Waiting Room of the Ministry

I got a call this afternoon from the medical people in charge of my case, yeah apparently I have a case...  and to tell you the truth, I panicked. I got all nervous and felt like crying and it's been a long time since that happened. I was excited and nervous and angry and impatient but eventually a got a few answers.

Apparently, they (the ministry of health) are waiting for paperwork and recommendations and diagnoses and case histories from my psychiatrist so they can review my case. It sounds like there is a chance that I might get surgery covered and it is just a matter of time depending on what they find in their review. Assuming they agree to cover the cost, the next issue which I should have seen coming, is that more than likely they expect me to go to a different hospital, to a different surgeon, (never mind I've already had the referral and consultation) in a city over 800 km from home, and away from my family. I am going to plead my case IF they decide they approve funding for surgery. Why they think I should have to drive 3 hours to get on a plane to fly almost 1000 kilometers to stay in a hospital and recover in a hotel away from my family and my doctors is beyond me... well honestly you know its a government thing when.... the reason they would have me do that instead of letting me get the surgery in a hospital in another province that is closer to my home and family and my doctors is because the hospital where I already have a surgeon (who just needs confirmation of payment) is not in the province where I pay taxes and health care premiums.

So here I am after calling and calling for two months, finally talking to somene who might be able to help me. I asked my case worker to fax the request directly to my psychiatrist's office instead of having them wait and wait and wait for the snail mail to arrive....it's been a month already and they have received nothing... I am hoping that by the end of next week they have what they need and I can get onto the next phase of waiting: the review process.

Eventually they will send me a letter letting me know if I qualify for funding or if there are more hoops for me to jump through, and then things could go a couple ways.... I could end up having to wait to get a referral to another surgeon in my home province and then wait some more for a consultation and then wait some more for a surgery date. How long do you suppose that will take?  OR they may decide after my heartfelt and well argued statement about how having surgery outside my home province will actually SAVE them money they might let me have surgery in a place where I already have a referral, a surgeon, a doctor, and I will be closer to my family, and closer to home.

But till that happens I will sit quietly taped to this chair in the hurry up and wait department of the ministry of health....

god how old are these magazines....

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