Injection Scare

I had a pretty scary moment this morning when I gave myself my shot. I sort of hesitated when piercing the skin and paused part way in. When I continued to plunge the needle into the muscle I experienced quite a bit of pain and some resistance which is unusual. Instead of pulling the needle out, changing it and trying again in another spot I just pushed it into my leg muscle and started my injection. I pulled back on the plunger but didn't get any blood in the syringe tip so I pushed the oil in like normal, I experienced quite a bit of pain while injecting the T but figured it would go away. But then things got worse.

I started to feel really light headed and as soon as I finished my injection, I was at the point that I hoped I could get  the needle out of my leg before I passed out. When  pulled the needle out of my thigh, blood spurted out from the injection site and I knew I had hit a vessel. I slapped some kleenex over the injection site and lay down on the bathroom floor.

I was really dizzy and nauseous and my head was pounding. I started to panic. I thought maybe I had injected directly into a vein or artery the way the blood came shooting out. I tried sitting up and hung my head over the toilet bowl hoping not to be sick. I was still really dizzy with a sickening head rush and then I started sweating. My body got really hot and was perspiring to the point that my hair and t-shirt were soaking wet and sweat was dripping off my face into the water. I laid back down on the floor and prayed that it wasn't the flu or food poisoning but worried mostly that I was going to have a heart attack or stroke from injecting the oil into my vein. I thought to myself: I don't want to die here, not on the bathroom floor in my underwear.

I was sure that  there was no blood in the drawback and laid on the floor for about fifteen minutes until I wasn't dizzy or nauseous. Then I sat up and leaned against the wall until I felt strong enough to sit up on the toilet. Finally I could stand and brush my teeth and I made myself a cup of hot milk and sat on the couch. The injection site is really tender and a bit swollen. I probably should have iced it. No doubt I will have a great bruise on that leg I am sure and hockey tomorrow will be pretty interesting.

After a little research figure that I probably did just pierce a vessel and that was what the pain was upon injection. I should have just pulled the needle out and started over. It was probably the pain that caused me to feel so dizzy, that and the fact that I hadn't eaten since supper the night before. I guess I shouldn't have pushed when I felt resistance.

In the future I think I will be more aware of things that are out of the norm. I want to learn to inject into a more fleshy part of my body, so will try to get someone to show me how to landmark the glutes. I know, I have been talking about that forever so if anyone has some tips that would be great! When things don't feel right I will start over, pull the needle out and try another spot.

It was really pretty scary lying on the bathroom floor in my underwear wondering if I should wake my girlfriend to call the ambulance....I don't want to experience that ever again.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... glad you're ok. That is really scary :(