Canadian Thanksgiving

It's thanksgiving today and over the last year I have had a lot to be thankful for. I live in a country that is known for being polite, for being nice, for being safe. Despite what our politicians might make you believe, people in Canada are very accepting and for the most part take the attitude of live and let live.  I am lucky that no matter where I find myself I am constantly surprised by my fellow countrymen in their ability to just let you be who you are.

I am also thankful that my family has been accepting of me. I am thankful that my mom didn't cry, that my sister is still talking to me and my father is still in my life. I am really thankful that my grandmother and grandfather raised such a wonderful family and that I am surrounded (albeit distantly) with wonderful and generous and understanding aunts and uncles who did their part to raise awesome compassionate kids who are my cousins. I love you all very much and I am blessed to have you in my life.

I am lucky to be able to go to work at a job with terrific people and do something I actually like. They even pay me. While this might not last at least for now I have a great and supportive workplace.

I have never been called a freak, or loser or anyhting else derogatory by any of my friends, family, co-workers, or acquaintances. I have been treated with dignity and respect when I need medical attention. My friends who even when things are awkward stand by me, stand up for me, and stand bedside me when things are tough. There aren't a whole lot of you but know that you are very dear to me, each of you. I learn things from you you don't even know you are teaching me, thank you.

I am thankful for so many things: my family and friends, my health; the opportunities to learn, to travel to different part of the country, and the ability to learn and grow. Despite the challenges I have faced this year and the challenges yet to come, I am thankful for every day I get in this wonderful crazy life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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