Oh my god he is simply adorable

I had a doctor's appointment today, to get the results from the recent tests I had to check my blood chemistry and testosterone levels. This was the first visit I had with the GP who was recommended to me by the nurse practitioner at the clinic. I was kind of nervous about meeting him and I wasn't sure what to expect since I seem to be the only tranny that I know of living in town.....for now.

Anyway, when he finally came in the room it took me a few moments to decide that he is absolutely the most adorable little queer man I have ever seen. Ever. He did his residency with a transgender health program out east so believe it or not here in this little town I actually have a doctor with transgender medical experience! I no longer have to worry about having to explain myself over and over again, and have someone walk up and down the halls wondering loudly have we figured out if this patient is male or female?? (yes this actually happened to me at the hospital...twice)

I am feeling better now I know I have someone I can trust with all my gender issues in a medical capacity. I have someone who is willing to take the time to make sure that I know what I need to do to stay healthy while managing the other aspects of transition. He has booked me an information appointment to go over all the things I will need to do to keep my Cholesterol, blood pressure, hormone levels, etc. in check. I have someone who will fill my prescription, make sure I get my blood tests every three to six months, perform pap tests as long as I still have a cervix... I no longer have to worry if I feel there is something going wrong with my medication or if I have issues after surgery, or concerns about my mental health, or simply need a referral, I now have a doctor here who can help me.

I am lucky. So far things seem to have been going along pretty smoothly. A few minor bumps along the way and a long time standing in line with the rest of the trannies to access the health care services I need but so far my transition has been a pretty smooth road. I hope that my luck continues when it comes to having top surgery.

I am waiting to hear back from BC health about whether or not my surgery will be covered and although I am fairly certain that I will end up paying at least a portion of it, I have my fingers crossed that the leftover amount won't be beyond my means. If it is I will move on to back up plans B and C and D if necessary.

As usual I'll keep you posted.

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