Two months on T

Here it is two months already! I feel like things are still moving at a snail's pace. I would love the metabolism to kick in any time and burn some of this extra weight off.  My pants are getting tight in the thighs and it seems like I am putting muscle only on one side of my body. Anyhow here's the two month update.

Month Two

1. Acne: Oh my god. The combination of summer heat and sweat and being stuffed inside a binder for most of the day has not done anything to help my acne. Breakouts that seemed to occur only on my back have now spread to my chest. I am hoping that this is a sign that hair will begin to appear there sooner than later. My skin is getting more oily and I find I need to wash my face at least twice a day and use some type of product to tame single blemishes on my face and neck.

2. Body: Hello Chubb! Well the increase in my appetite has not been offset in any way by a migration of body fat or an increase in metabolism or ability to burn fat. My jeans are getting tighter in the thighs and around the waist. My feet used to get cold all the time but haven’t had that problem for quite a while now. I have noticed an increase in my body temperature and I am drinking a lot more water and sweating a lot more too. It is summer so there’s a chance this is all just related to the weather! I have noticed that my legs are quite a bit thicker and my forearms are filling out. My neck is bigger because my necklace tells me so as it gets tighter!But I am getting the shoulders I have always dreamt of!

3. Drawers: Increased in size. Increase in sex drive. Increase in sensitivity. Still no sign of mother nature. I love testosterone.

4. Hair: Facial hair is growing in faster but still shave only about once a  week. The hair is getting stiffer but not coarse and darker hairs are appearing one by one mostly on my chin. Upper thighs are getting fuzzy. I haven't got any distinctly manly hairs yet, except the thirty or so on my chin. It might be an illusion but I think my eyebrows are getting thicker?

5. Mood: Stable. I am feeling more confident, stable, normal. I am able to control my emotions and I am less easily upset by things. I am less likely to back down in an argument or disagreement and more likely to stand up for myself. I say a lot less than I used to and I don't feel a lot like talking much these days. I am isolating myself from social situations a little more and feeling the need to have a significant amount of "alone time". I'm not depressed just like being by myself right now.

6. Voice: Getting deeper bit by bit notice some cracking when I try to call my cats in from outside!

7. Other: The skin on my face is more masculine somehow. I can see where my hair is going to grow and my pores seem larger. I sweat a lot more and I definitely notice that my body fluids smell differently. I am feeling awkward in my body right now and very self-conscious about my chest if I am not binding particularly around strangers. Also I have had pain in my legs like cramping a couple days after my injection. Switched to a 1" 22 gauge needle from a 1" 21guage. Poking myself in the leg is getting harder...got to learn to landmark the glutes!

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