Binding in the Heat

It's hot here in the north. I don't want to hear any complaining from Toronto, you already think you live in the centre of the universe, now it just feels like it's also the centre of the sun. But here we are not used to hot and when I say hot I mean twenty degrees. I thought I would be able to wear jeans and t shirts all summer but no, here it is twenty-five and I am dying. My biggest problem with the heat besides the fact I just want to sleep is that binding becomes and absolute nightmare.

I have four different binders, all of which are from underworks which I highly recommend. I have the compression t-shirt, the cotton compression muscle shirt, the double front compression undershirt and a cotton undershirt. I ordered the same size cotton undershirts as the spandex ones but found that the compression is not as good and I could have actually ordered a size smaller. I usually wear the cotton muscle shirt over the plain undershirt and the double compression gives an excellent and comfortable presentation for about four to five hours. The t-shirts are awesome, comfortable and easy to wear for a whole work day but they are hot and despite what they say about them being breathable, they stil make you feel like you're wearing someone else's skin over your own.

I went for a two hour walk a couple days ago and it wasn't as hot as it was today and I sweat right through it and had a hard time peeling it off. On top of having to wear an extra layer during the dog days of summer the compression also seems to promote the growth of acne. Now once that starts and you wear the compression shirts again the problem is compounded; heat+sweat+ tight shirt= misery. So I have been wearing a standard old sports bra on the days that it is just too damn hot to wear a binder to work.

I hate wearing a bra and having to wear one at work today made me really self conscious and uncomfortable. I spend so much more time conscious of what I might wear on any given day than I ever did before. I don't really have any clothes that are casual enough for work without looking like I might drop everything at any second and gut something. I have a lot of really good dress shirts but they all have long sleeves and are a little more formal than what most of my colleagues are wearing to the office. I want to be able to just wear a t-shirt but without binding I don't feel comfortable in a t-shirt. To wear two t shirts in this heat is a death wish (we have no A/C) and so I am trying to find clothes baggy enough to hide my breasts while I am forced into a tit sling. I am considering hunting down a tighter sports bra ( oh good, a trip to the ladies delicates department is about as fun as going to work topless)  and maybe trying to wear my larger t-shirts until the weather cools off. I'll tell you one thing: I am really looking forward to winter when I can wear four or five layers and binding will not be an issue...it might actually help keep me warm!

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