New Life, New Timetable

This past weekend was probably one of the best weekends I have ever had. Having been out of school for over a month, out of work for just as long, packing and moving twice, another surgery, and dealing with the changes relating to my transition, life has been a little stressful. This weekend, I was blessed in so many ways just at the time when my spirit needed a boost. I found I have renewed energy and enthusiasm to pursue my desire to be a successful practising artist.

I got to hear Bob Barton, Richard Van Camp, Annabel Lyon, Cathleen With, James Pokiak, Sharon Butala, and Ivan Coyote tell their stories at the northWords Writer's Festival. Ivan Coyote was a fantastic storyteller and if you ever get a chance to go and listen to a reading in person I highly recommend it.

At the procrastinator's bootcamp workshop I picked up some great tips to avoid any further laziness when it comes to both with my writing and my art practice. While I recognize the need for a break from my creative endeavors, I realize I must be more diligent in scheduling time around a real job (when I get one) to focus on both my writing and art. I have some amazing opportunities in front of me and to not capitalize on them would be stupid. I look forward to meeting some great challenges in the near future.

Until I find a job, I will be working a diligent schedule that includes blocks of time devoted to art, writing, working out, cleaning house, fishing, brain storming, chores, and blocks of free time to visit with friends, check email, set goals, apply for grant funding, and of course, apply for more work! As always I will keep you posted.

Also thanks to everyone for all their supportive comments, I really appreciate it.

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