One month on T

I have been on T for a month at a dose of 100mg/week. So far there have only been a couple noticeable changes:

1. Acne: My skin has become more oily and I have been washing it 2-3 times a day. Acne has definitely increased on my face and the odd few pimples have appeared randomly on my back and chest. It has not been bad but it has increased for sure.

2. Body: Have been a little bloated and notice that my pants are fitting a little tighter in the thighs, my fingers have swelled up a bit, but I am growing shoulders! I have definitely put on muscle, have more definition in my arms and back, and I feel stronger. I am still waiting for the metabolism to kick into high gear. to help me get rid of some of this chubb!

3. Drawers: Well this is a little awkward but I know I was looking for information about this so I will post any noticeable changes that happen in my drawers. After one month on T there hasn't been any noticeable change in my size but I have definitely noticed a change in my sensitivity. Dryness is not an issue nor have I noticed any major increase in sex drive although I find I am more quickly and easily turned on. My partner says I taste differently than I did before starting T. In other news, so far I have not seen hide nor hair of mother nature's monthly gift. Sweet.

4. Hair: Haven't noticed too much in the way of hair growth on my body. I definitely think I am fuzzier in places, my belly and upper arms mostly. I shave about once a week and the peach fuzz is growing in more quickly every week. A few darker hairs are growing in on my chin and in my sideburns.

5. Mood: This has been awesome. I feel way more in control of my emotions, more confident, less moody. There has been no crying for no reason, no depression, no hormone psychosis. I am also finding it easier to stick up for myself, say no, and say what is really on my mind without worrying what other people think.

6. Voice: This has definitely changed. Within the first twelve hours of my first shot I felt like there was something in my throat; it was scratchy almost as if I was getting a cold. I have lost the uppermost notes of my voice and once in a while my voice cracks like I am a thirteen year old boy. Once in a while I feel a vibration in my chest from the drop in my voice, it hasn't dropped a lot but it has dropped some for sure.

7. Other: Once in a while I feel muscle twitches or something akin to that in different places. I imagine it is things turning on and off. For example, I sometimes felt twitches in my abdomen where I used to get cramps. I feel muscle-like twitches between my legs sometimes and I don't know if I should attribute that to growth and changes or my imagination. Besides that one swelling incident, I haven't had any negative issues with Testosterone.

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