Oh Stars, Here I Come!

So we are off to the big city tomorrow to relax and shop and of course visit the plastic surgeon. As excited as I am about all of those things I am really excited to see night time. Right now it doesn't really get dark, it gets dim, dusky but never dark enough to see the stars. When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. Then I realized that I puke if I spin too fast on a merry-go-round and I am terrified of roller coasters so I needed to find myself another career path. But I still love the magic and mystery of the night sky. Particularly up here when ribbons of luminescent green white and pink undulate above your head.

The first time I spent a summer up north I had a really hard time sleeping....still true today. It just doesn't get dark and the sun is up and bright like early morning by four am! I was at once a night owl and an early bird and my body was exhausted. We would go out fishing in early June and it would still be sunny out at ten thirty! The longest day of the year is the 21st of June and we get maybe four hours where the sun sits below the horizon. Now we are on the downside of that and so it is dimmer and dimmer in the wee hours of the morning ...no more reading by the window at one in the morning.

This will be my first winter in the north. Aside from a couple week-long visits, I haven't experienced the coldest and shortest days of a northern winter. I am planning to join a few groups this winter to try and keep myself busy, meet new people and avoid packing on hibernation chubb. If all goes well I will be playing hockey and curling in mixed rec leagues. I am unsure if there's anything else I might like to do but if I have some team sport a couple nights a week that will be good.

The work contract I have is good until January. I am hoping that I will not bee looking for work right after Christmas and that where I am now will become a permanent position. I still have a lot of applications out around town so there's a chance that there will be something else come up before then which may pay more or give me more flexible hours allowing me time to work on my art on my days off. I would like to find a taxidermist who would teach me a thing or two about the craft so I could prepare some of my own found road kill pelts and mount them properly. Winter will be cold and I hope that I am mentally prepared for the length and depth of it.

The northern lights are spectacular but it will be August before we see them again. August and September are the best time to watch them and it's still nice enough outside you can photograph them for more than three minutes before your face freezes. There is something really special about sitting around a campfire watching the northern lights dazzle the stars above the trees.

But for the next few days I will be able to watch the night sky. I am unsure how many stars I'll see from inside the city limits but perhaps there will be one that comes streaking out of the darkness to grant me a single wish.

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Carmen said...

What a wonderful writer you are. It's always a pleasure to read what you have to say... everything is always so interesting.

Sorry to hear about Tiger :(