I went for a job interview on Tuesday and flat out told my prospective employer about my transition. I explained that I would likely need some time off for surgery and that I was in the middle (beginning is more like it I guess) of going from being a woman to being a man. The interview went pretty well I thought but then was sure that I blew it at the end by being honest. I was wrong.

Instead of being offered the full time position I applied for, they offered me a six month term position to cover a maternity leave. So for the next six months I will be working a job in the design department of a newspaper. I am happy that they didn't seem to have an issue with my transition and I am know that as time progresses I can prove myself to be a valuable employee and they will not want to lose me. I am hoping to secure a more permanent position in the future and work my way up.  But who knows what other opportunities might come along in the meantime. I am glad to have a little stability at least until Christmas and with any luck my surgery will have been completed by then as well.  Perhaps I need to have more faith in myself and believe that people can see past the transition to the person I really am, the skills I have to offer, and the potential awesomeness I can deliver!

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Carmen said...

That's fantastic!! Great to hear!