Fourteen Hours and Counting

First off, I have to give a huge HUG to my partner for being so incredibly patient and loving and kind. She was a star last night talking me through all my fear over the phone (we are currently separated by 1811km) reassuring me that everything was going to be ok. I am such a very lucky boy to have such a supportive and loving girl! Darlin' you are the best.

It was a bit of an ordeal this morning learning to give myself an injection. There is just no way to feel confident and fearless when you are sitting in a room with two nurses,  pants around your ankles... I have an allergy to sesame oil and was unsure how I would react to the cotton seed oil suspension. I had to stay put and hang out for about half an hour to make sure I wasn't going to choke and die all the while wondering if the dry mouth was just cause I was thirsty or if I was in the process of losing my airway.

Needless to say, all is good I am alive and well. The only major change so far is my therapy schedule & dose.  Instead of having the 200mg shot every two weeks, I am on 100mg every week because there is some difficulty getting the 200mg/ml testosterone cypionate in cottonseed oil...so we'll see how that goes... better one 1mL shot every week than two 1mL shots or one REALLY big 2mL shot every two weeks!!! I am hoping this will keep the hormone level more even and avoid the high and low spikes of a two week injection cycle.

So it's been fourteen hours since I had my first T shot. I am considerably more relaxed than earlier and the fear and jitters have given way to excitement and anticipation. The only noticeable physical change so far is that I have a scratchy throat. I feel like I need to clear my throat a lot, a bit like the onset of a cold but without the rest of the crappy feeling. Who knows maybe I really am coming down with something... 

Nothing else to report so far, although I am wondering if I am going to have weird dreams about hot naked girls jello wrestling tonight or if I will sleep soundly through till morning...

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