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Well, here it is. The story of my transition. I am writing this for you. You, who are questioning your gender, who are curious, and for those of you who just don't understand. This is for you. I am a female to male transgendered individual or FTM. I was born female and will be undergoing treatment to become male and this will serve as a record of my experience.

The thing that breeds hate the most is fear and the thing that breeds fear is ignorance. Here is your opportunity to learn what it means to be transgendered. It really isn't such a scary thing. Astrophysics can be scary and intimidating too if you don't know anything about it. Once you take the time to ask questions and listen to the answers, to learn about what you might have been afraid of you will soon see that there was never really anything to fear in the first place.

When I began thinking about transitioning I was looking for information and stories from other guys who felt the same way as I do. I needed to see if what I felt was what other guys felt or if I fell somewhere in the middle. I have always wanted to be a guy, ever since I can remember. Now as I transition, you can share in this journey with me and hopefully we will learn something together.

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Anonymous said...

Glad I found this blog, and glad you wrote it all down. It is helpful. Especially when you read something and think "uh, thank God, I thought I was the only one having THAT thought..."
Not feeling alone can really make a difference.